Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body

e31569a4 Stephan teamed up with his best friend, Roman Ziemian, to create.

Mazda 6 (since 2002 of release)

Mazda 6 - force from which it is necessary to be considered. Under streamline, atletichny shapes the possibilities of placement of things best in the class and cargo are latent. If in the car the combination of volume, power and a practicality is necessary to you - you found the ideal.

Mazda 6 purchase - really an unforgettable event. Elegant appearance emphasizes power of the car, and such qualities as athletic contours, graceful stylistics and - in application to our new model - feeling of "distinguished completeness", only strengthen this effect.

We kept graceful smooth outlines - as a result the streamline body and the maleficiated contours Mazda 6 helped us to rise a cut above the majority of modern cars with their "rectilinear" design. In new model the design of a front and rear bumper, a front grille and thresholds established by request of slips and a back spoiler is changed.

Now it is new atletichny design with emphasized power and physicality. Even on parking of Mazda 6 puts some idea about dynamic movement.

Buying a new sedan of Mazda 6, you receive in the order the amplifier of a wheel, a brake of impressing force and lightning dispersal. And from our new engines simply grasps spirit.

On a choice three excellent 4-cylinder petrol engines are offered to you: 1,8-, 2,0-and 2,3-liter. All engines are very economic, and the 2,0-liter model became even more powerful now.

Our new, smoother transmissions promote increase of fuel profitability of the Mazda 6 model. The six-step mechanical transmission which quite recently began to be established on the majority of engines, will add relics and dynamism to your car. In addition, our four-stage automatic transmission of Activematic became five-step that means acceleration of reaction of the car and smaller fuel consumption.

Besides, the running gear Mazda 6 is modernized and improved and the suspension bracket is updated. The majority of changes is made for ensuring more dynamic, sports style of driving.

Elegant appearance and spacious salon

You buy Mazda 6 sedan because know about its simply fantastic road performance. But whether you knew, what under its streamline shapes the luggage compartment the general capacity to 501 liter which volume can be regulated disappears? Such technical solution is unique for cars of this class - you will be pleasantly surprised, having seen, how many there all can be located!

Getting Mazda 6 sedan, you can be sure that your new car answers the highest safety requirements. The increased protection at collisions provides unique threefold N-shaped bodies.

Prednatyazhitel of seat belts enter into a standard complete set of all models, lobbies and lateral safety cushions, and also safety shtorka. The reliable comprehensive protection of the driver and passengers is as a result provided.

Stability and controllability of the car are increased at the expense of system of dynamic stabilization (DSC). The anti-blocking brake system (ABS) and electronic system of distribution of brake efforts (EBD) allow to reduce length of a brake way at emergency braking.

Well-tried remedies of protection against stealing allow owners of Mazda 6 not to worry, where they would not be.

For the best protection against stealing all Mazda 6 cars are equipped with the central lock and an immobilizer.

Having sat down at a newcomer wheel Mazda 6, you right there understand that you would not like to leave this spacious any more, cozy and very comfortable salon.

The salon not simply beautifully looks - in it is quiet, extraordinary spacious and it is very convenient. Pay attention to the T-shaped panel, a trekhspitsevy steering wheel and a perchatochny box in volume in 9 liters. And now - leave on the wide route to check Mazda 6 sedan in practice. New engines will allow you to be convinced at once that at this car sports character.

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