Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
4.1. General information
4.2. Wheels and tires
4.3. Forward suspension bracket
4.3.1. Removal, check and installation of the forward shock-absorber and spring
4.3.2. Removal, check and installation of the forward top lever
4.3.3. Removal, check and installation of the forward stabilizer Removal Check Installation
4.4. Back suspension bracket
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body

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4-3-3-2-proverka.html Check

Remove a stabilizer rack from the car.
Check on existence of deformation and damages.
Measure the moment of rotation of the spherical hinge.
Shake here and there a spherical finger of 10 times.

Fig. 4.28. Check of the spherical hinge

Turn a finger of the spherical hinge on 10 turns (fig. 4.28).
Measure the moment of resistance to rotation, using suitable face and dinamometrichesky keys.
Resistance moment: 0,23–0,47 N · m.

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