Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
8.1. General information
8.2. Conditioner and heater
8.2.1. Air filter
8.2.2. Block of central air of air
8.2.3. Evaporator
8.2.4. Broad valve
8.2.5. Condenser
8.2.6. Conditioner control system
8.2.7. Control unit climatic installation
8.2.8. Check of a radiator of a heater
8.2.9. Removal and installation of a back air line
8.2.10. Removal and installation of the compressor of central air of air
8.2.11. Dismantling and assembly of the obgonny coupling
8.2.12. Care of a car body Elimination of small scratches Repair of dents Repair of through corrosion damages and holes Shpaklevaniye and coloring Repair at considerable damages of a body

8-2-12-2-remont-vmyatin.html Repair of dents

At repair of dents by a priority the pulling of the deformed surface for the purpose of its removal to initial level is. Attempts to achieve absolute compliance to the original have no sense as it is all the same impossible in view of violation of internal structure of metal of the body panel at blow. Removal of a concave surface to level approximately on 3 mm lower than a surface of the surrounding intact site of the panel of a body is optimum. If the dent not deep, its full pulling at all has no sense.
In a case when to a concave site it is possible to reach from a reverse side of the panel, it is necessary to try отрихтовать a dent from within in hammer blows with brisk of a soft material (rubber, plastic). Tapping a dent, densely press to its face a wooden hammer for clearing of a shock impulse in order to avoid an excessive flexure outside of the deformed metal of the panel.
If the dent was formed on a two-layer site of the panel or access to it from a reverse side is impossible for any other reason, it is necessary to apply other technique of a pulling. Make in a concave site of the panel some small openings, trying, that they appeared in the most zaglublenny areas of a dent. Then screw in openings long саморезы, having left their heads sticking out so that it was possible to grasp them пассатижами. Now start to extend a dent nippers for screws.
At the following stage of processing of a dent it is necessary to remove from the damaged surface and on a site in width about 3 cm round it the remains of a paint and varnish covering. This work is best of all for making by means of a wire nozzle or the zachistny disk established in a cartridge of an electrodrill, also manual processing by an emery paper however is not less effective. The final stage of preparation for a shpaklevaniye is the protsarapyvaniye of the metal of a dent cleared of paint a screw-driver or a fragment of a file or drilling in it small openings for ensuring the maximum adhesion of a shpaklevka to a metal surface. Further it is possible to pass to performance of procedures of a shpaklevaniye and coloring.

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