Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
8.1. General information
8.2. Conditioner and heater
8.2.1. Air filter
8.2.2. Block of central air of air
8.2.3. Evaporator
8.2.4. Broad valve
8.2.5. Condenser
8.2.6. Conditioner control system
8.2.7. Control unit climatic installation
8.2.8. Check of a radiator of a heater
8.2.9. Removal and installation of a back air line
8.2.10. Removal and installation of the compressor of central air of air
8.2.11. Dismantling and assembly of the obgonny coupling
8.2.12. Care of a car body Elimination of small scratches Repair of dents Repair of through corrosion damages and holes Shpaklevaniye and coloring Repair at considerable damages of a body

8-2-12-1-ustranenie-melkikh-carapin.html Elimination of small scratches

If scratch superficial also does not mention metal of the body panel, its repair is made extremely simply. For removal of particles of the lagged behind paint and a wax covering slightly rub the scratched area with thin grinding paste. Wash out the processed surface pure water.
Small brush paint over scratch the paint applied to an external covering of panels of a body. Continue to put paint a layer behind a layer until the surface it in scratch will not reach level of a surrounding surface of a paint and varnish covering of the panel. Give to new paint полимеризоваться within, at least, two weeks, then polish a transitional surface aflush with a surface of a covering of other part of the panel with application of the thinnest grinding paste. Then cover the processed surface with wax.
If scratch got through a paint coat, having reached some metal of a body and having caused its corrosion, it is necessary to apply other technology of repair. A penknife scrape out from scratch a poroshkoobrazny rust, then process a surface corrosion inhibitor, in order to avoid development of the centers of corrosion in the future. A rubber or plastic shpatel cover the damaged area processed by inhibitor with a shpaklevka. If necessary, and it is especially useful at a shpaklevaniye of narrow scratches, for formation of melkodispersny paste the shpaklevka can be diluted with solvent. Before the shpaklevka will harden in scratch, wrap up a finger-tip a smooth cotton fabric. Then, having moistened a finger in solvent, quickly carry out them along the puttied surface of scratch. It will make a surface slightly concave. Now, after the shpaklevka hardening, the processed scratch can be painted according to the instructions provided for cases when scratch does not mention metal.

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