Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
4.1. General information
4.1.1. Axis geometry шкворня
4.1.2. Spherical hinge
4.1.3. Shock-absorber and cylindrical spring
4.2. Wheels and tires
4.3. Forward suspension bracket
4.4. Back suspension bracket
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body


4.1. General information

Forward and back suspension brackets are developed specially for the Mazda 6 (GG) car and have some features.
Forward suspension bracket – on double cross-section levers, the bottom lever is equipped with two floating hinges.
Back suspension bracket – multilever type E.
Shift шкворня concerning the center of a wheel of a forward suspension bracket is minimized. The forward top lever and both bottom levers are equipped with spherical hinges with low factor of a friction. The width of a track is increased by 50 mm in comparison with previous model. It is equivalent to fall of the center of gravity of the car on 20 mm. As a result stability of management at movement on turn improved.

Fig. 4.1. Features of a platform of the car: 1–center of gravity; 2–it is reduced by 20 mm; 3–height; 4–width of a track (626); 5–width of a track (Mazda 6); 6–it is increased by +50 mm

The axis of rotation is established a little obliquely. The forward shock-absorber is equipped with a spring of a course of a release. For the shock-absorber the separate support is used. to increase rigidity of a design, the forward cross-piece and the amplifier for adjustment of disorder of back wheels are established. Cross-section draft and the bottom lever have a special cam and the coupling coupling (fig. 4.1).

Fig. 4.2. Installation of height of the center of a list of the car: 1–height of the forward center of a list; 2–height of the back center of a list; 3–rotation axis; 4–line continuation (it is parallel to the basis) from height of the forward center of a list

The geometry of a platform allows to place a roving axis (an invisible vertical axis concerning which the vehicle reacts to operating action of the driver) in the vehicle center. The height of the forward center of a list is less, than the back center of a list. Management at rectilinear movement improves at the expense of installation of an axis of rotation at a small angle (fig. 4.2).

Table 4.1 Technical characteristics of forward and back suspension brackets

*1 Cooling liquids of the engine and engine oil – at the specified level. The fuel tank is completely filled. The spare wheel, a jack and the tool are on regular places.
*2 Difference between left and right wheels should not exceed 1°30'.
*3 Distance between the center of a wheel and edge covered the following:
before – 402 mm.
the back – 392 mm.

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4.1.1. Axis geometry шкворня