Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
7.1. General information
7.2. Power supply system
7.3. Lighting system
7.4. Screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
7.5. Immobilizer
7.6. Central panel and loudspeakers
7.7. Combination of devices and governing bodies
7.8. System of passive safety
7.8.1. General information
7.8.2. Module of a lateral safety cushion
7.8.3. Seat belts Instructions on use of seat belts Mode of automatic blocking of delivery of a belt
7.8.4. A seat belt with a prednatyazhitel
8. Body

7-8-3-1-instrukcii-po-ispolzovaniyu-remnejj-bezopasnosti.html Instructions on use of seat belts

– Seat belts should lie on those parts of a body where strong bones of a skeleton settle down. The belt should pass over a pelvic bone, a thorax and a shoulder. It is necessary to avoid an arrangement of a zone strap of a seat belt on a stomach.
– It is necessary to adjust a seat belt so that it most densely adjoined to a body, and convenience of landing thus remained. Only in this case the seat belt can effectively execute the protective function for the sake of which it is established on the car. The sagging seat belt considerably reduces efficiency of passive protection of the passenger.
– Watch that on straps of a seat belt did not get a polyrole, oil and other chemicals, especially the electrolit used in the storage battery. For cleaning of seat belts use neutral soap and water. It is necessary to replace a seat belt if the strap is worn-out, polluted or has traces of damages.
– Surely replace a seat belt assembled if it was used by the driver or the passenger at strong collision of the car, even in the absence of visible signs of damage of a belt.
– It is forbidden to use a seat belt if the strap is overwound.
– Each seat belt should be used by only one passenger at the same time. It is dangerous to fasten one seat belt of the passenger and the child sitting at it on a lap.
– Any changes of a design of seat belts which break normal operation of devices for an automatic choice of a weak point of a strap are forbidden or complicate belt adjustment for the purpose of elimination of its sagging.
If a seat belt will involve on the coil, it will work in a mode of emergency blocking. In this mode the belt does not break convenience of the passenger. In case of car collision the inertial coil blocks delivery of a seat belt which holds the passenger on a place. If completely to extend a seat belt from the coil, it will be switched in a mode of automatic blocking of a belt. If the strong tension of a belt is felt or it complicates movements of the passenger on the motionless car or during driving, the possible reason is switching of the inertial coil in a mode of automatic blocking after the belt was too strongly extended from the coil. To return the inertial coil to more convenient mode of emergency blocking, stop the car in a safe place on a horizontal platform and completely hand over a belt on the inertial coil. Thus the coil will be switched in a mode of emergency blocking of a belt. Then again extend a seat belt for necessary length to be fastened.

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