Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
3.1. Coupling
3.2. Mechanical transmission
3.3. Automatic transmission
3.4. Driving mechanism
3.4.1. General information
3.4.2. Forward power shafts
3.4.3. Removal and installation of a nave of a forward wheel
3.4.4. Removal and installation of a nave of a back wheel
3.4.5. Removal and installation of a forward connecting shaft
3.4.6. Assembly and dismantling of a connecting shaft
3.4.7. Removal and installation of a power shaft (cars with a mechanical transmission)
3.4.8. Removal and installation of a power shaft (cars with an automatic transmission)
3.4.9. Removal and installation of a power shaft (cars with a mechanical transmission) Removal Installation
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body

3-4-9-2-ustanovka.html Installation

Fig. 3.162. Installation of a dynamic damper

Establish a dynamic damper, as is shown in drawing 3.162.
Standard length: 334,7–340,7 mm.
Establish a new collar of a cover on a dynamic damper.
Fill a cover (from a wheel) with konsistentny greasing.

Covers with the party of a wheel and from a transmission differ.

Do not concern some konsistentny greasing hands. Put greasing from a tuba, do not allow hit of polluting substances in a cover.
Amount of konsistentny greasing: 90–110 g (L8, LF left side), 105–125 g (L8, LF right side and L3)

Establish a cover, without removing a sticky tape by which shlitsa of a shaft were wrapped up when dismantling.
Remove a tape.

Fig. 3.163. Installation of a separator and balls in a holder: 1–cепаратор; 2–balls; 3–groove of a lock ring; 4–holder

Level labels and establish balls and a separator in a holder in the direction shown in drawing 3.163.

Establish a separator a facet in the direction to a groove of a lock ring. At the wrong installation, the power shaft can be separated during movement.

Establish a new lock ring.
Fill the case of the hinge and a cover (from a transmission) with konsistentny greasing.
Amount of konsistentny greasing: 105–125 g (L8, LF left side), 120–140 g (L8, LF right side and L3).
Level labels and establish the case on a shaft.
Establish a new clip.
Establish a cover.
Establish standard length of a power shaft.
Let the air out from covers, raising edges of the smaller ends of covers the screw-driver which has been wrapped up by a fabric.
Be convinced that length of a power shaft – within norm.

Standard length, mm

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4. Running gear