Mazda 6 since 2002
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. System of passive safety
1.3. Car use to destination
1.4. Elimination of the malfunctions which have arisen in a way or before a start of motion
1.4.1. Spare wheel and set of tools
1.4.2. Engine overheat
1.4.3. Car evacuation
1.4.4. General information and security measures at control survey and car maintenance Check of level of engine oil Check of level of cooling liquid Check of level of working liquid in a tank of the steering hydraulic booster Check of level of working liquid of automatic transmission Check of level of working liquid of automatic transmission on the 4WD olnoprivodny cars Check of level of liquid of washers of glasses and headlights Greasing of knots of a friction on a car body Replacement of a filtering element of the filter of an air purifier Replacement of brushes of a cleaner of a windscreen Service of the storage battery Check of level of electrolit Charge of the storage battery Check of pressure of air in tires Periodic shift of wheels
1.4.5. Lamps of devices of lighting and light alarm system
1.4.6. Care of a body and car salon
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body


1.4.4. General information and security measures at control survey and car maintenance

Regular maintenance of the car is necessary.
During car operation inevitably there are such processes, as weakening of fastening of knots and units, wear of rubbing surfaces, violation of adjusting parameters, aging rezinotekhnichesky a product and paint and varnish coverings. For the prevention of malfunctions and increase of reliability of the car scheduled preventive maintenance which includes verifying, adjusting, lubricant works, and also replacement of separate details through a certain run is provided.
This subsection is intended to help the motorist to support the car in good repair, to reduce operational fuel consumption and oils and to prolong car service life. The general plan of scheduled preventive maintenance of the car which the subsections describing operations of maintenance in more detail follow is provided in subsection. The drawings of a motor compartment given further in the book and the bottoms of a body of the car allow to receive idea of an arrangement of basic elements. Carrying out maintenance according to the provided plan will provide long and reliable service of the car.
This plan of maintenance is full therefore it is recommended to perform all operations of maintenance with the specified periodicity. At car service you will notice that performance of some operations can be combined with carrying out others is follows from essence of operations of maintenance. For example, if you lifted the car for carrying out any operation, elements of system of production of the fulfilled gases can be checked at the same time with check of elements of a suspension bracket or a steering. Before the beginning of work it is necessary to be prepared for carrying out maintenance. Read all description of operation which you are going to execute, and buy tools necessary for this purpose and spare parts. If you faced a problem which you unable to resolve independently, address to experts.
Regular maintenance will provide:
– good fuel profitability;
– long service life of the car;
– receiving pleasure from car driving;
– traffic safety;
– reliability;
– possibility of use of all advantages of a guarantee;
– compliance to current legislation requirements regarding environmental protection.

Maintenance performance.
At non-compliance with instructions and the appropriate measures of safety performance of maintenance of the car represents danger. Performance of some operations of maintenance is connected with risk of a heavy travmirovaniye. If you have no sufficient knowledge and practical experience, or you have no the necessary tool or the equipment for work performance, charge maintenance of the car of service station of the official dealer of Mazda.

The working engine.
It is dangerous to work in a motor compartment if the engine is not muffled and continues to work. Danger of a travmirovaniye becomes even higher, if you wear ornaments or clothes of a free cut. Ornaments, volume or long elements of clothes can get to rotating details that is fraught with a travmirovaniye. Therefore, if it is necessary to perform works in a motor compartment at the working engine, surely remove all ornaments (especially rings, bracelets, hours, chains), and also the tie, a scarf or similar free details of clothes before coming nearer directly to the engine or the cooling fan (which can unexpectedly join and start to rotate).
Viscosity of engine oil influences fuel profitability and operational properties of the engine at low temperature (for example, on start-up of the cold engine). Low-viscous engine oil can provide improvement of fuel profitability and facilitate engine start-up at low temperatures of air. However, at high temperature of air it is required to apply more viscous engine oil which is capable to provide satisfactory conditions of greasing of details of the engine.
At a choice of viscosity of engine oil it is necessary to consider a prevailing range of temperature of air during the period before the following replacement of oil. Then define recommended viscosity of engine oil by above schedules provided in tab. 1.3.

The consumption of engine oil in the engine is the normal phenomenon at car operation. The consumption of engine oil is caused, generally burning out of an oil film on walls of cylinders, combustion of the oil which has got to cylinders of the engine through system of ventilation of a case, and losses on evaporation. The natural consumption of engine oil for the serviceable engine can make to 0,8 l on 1000 km of run of the car. At the beginning of car operation when occurs extra earnings of details of the engine, the consumption of engine oil can exceed the specified size. The consumption of engine oil depends on modes of operation of the engine (frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft and loading), and also a manner of driving of the car. At dynamic high-speed style of driving of the car when the engine works in the forced modes, the consumption of engine oil increases and can exceed the size specified above.

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